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Have you ever felt controlled in your relationship? Or have you been accused of being controlling? Do you think you know the best way to do to do things? At the root of most relationship control issues is fear: fear of rejection, fear of being wrong, fear of vulnerability, fear of abandonment, fear of things going wrong. Also, anxiety is widely considered to be the underlying common denominator of a strong need to exert control.

In this episode, I have a conversation with Cathy Courtenay. Cathy is a relational coach and facilitator. She works with both couples and individuals who are striving to find deeper connection and intimacy both with themselves and each other. She helps her clients to see the patterns of relating that are holding them back from what they truly desire. Cathy also facilitates the practice of the Circling Method where she creates a safe space for people where they can stand in their truth and experience what is real for them. Responding to life’s call to find truth, Cathy is committed to a mission of helping uplift humanity and develop profound compassion and empathy in the world.

“Are you communicating to control and manage or are you communicating to relate?” 

- Cathy Courtenay

Connect with Cathy Courtenay:

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